international DoggyWeekend 2023

Anfahrtsskizze OX's klein

Lageplan OX's (zum Vergrößern bitte auf Karte klicken)

Participants language:
- German
- English
- Sign language

Übersetzung in Gebärdensprache

Thüringer Lederclub e.V. 
Magdeburger Allee 6
99086 Erfurt

directly to the ticketshop

Ticket sales start on Friday, February 03, 2023 at 7:00 p.m

Wuff, Wuff Petplayer,

the TLC e.V. is origanizing again an international meeting for Dogs and his owner. You can slip into your role for a whole weekend and you can join together with like-minded petplayer.
From 26th to 29th May 2023 we are looking forward to offering you a comprehensive program
The whole things are designed by Petplayer for Petplayer. Experienced guys and newcommers are welcome.

 2023-05-26 (Friday)

 09:00 pm Welcome-Party 
 Location: Clubceller OX's
  - Registration
  - Welcome and instruktions
  - DJ Nemo + DJ Genozi
  - Playtime

  End 04:00 am

2023-05-27 (Saturday)

 02:00 pm Outdoor-Play
  - Dogtraining
  - Playtime
  - Foto-Shooting
  - Feeding (coffee + cake inkluded)

 09:00 pm OX's Doggy-Party
  - Puppies baptism
  - Playtime
  End 04:00 am

2023-05-28 (Sunday)

 02:00 pm   Flying-Dogs
  - A very special experience. You will love it.

 07:30 pm Doggy-Dinner
 Mainevent of the Doggyweekend
  - The great feeding of the dogs, tho owner dine at the festive table
  - Play, Fun and Party
 End 04:00 am

Drinks are not inkluded.

Packet price per person:  99,00 €

2023-05-29 (Monday)

 11:00 am bis 02:00 pm  
  - optional offer
  - Adoption of the participants

Price per person: 20,00 €


Application deadline: 2023-05-12

There are no costs for travel and accommodation inkluded.
The event is a closed club event with a limited number of participants and its necessary to registration. The minimum age for male participation is 18 years.

Are you interested? in this case join us! We look forward to your participation :))
TLC - Thüringer Lederclub e.V.